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Neo Hair Lotion



☘️ NATURAL Hair Lotion 🧑🏻👩🏻💦Neo Hair Lotion is made from various natural herbs to help stimulate blood circulation under scalp, nourish hair root cells to expedite hair cell to grow up faster. If continue using both morning and before bed time, the significant changing in your hair will be seen after use 1-3 bottles depend on each person. - Stimulates blood circulation in the scalp (which helps transporting nutrients faster) - Activates and nourishes the hair roots for optimal growth. - Reduces the effects of DHT, (enabling more nutrients to be transported quicker) Is Anti-inflammatory and rich in vitamins and nutrients, with a deeply nurturing moisture that is also sealed in the hair - Can be used in all hair types for growth - even beards and eyebrows! No chemicals - No side effects Important Ingredients: White Ginseng, Cantaloupe Extract, Saw Palmetto Extract, Hair Treatment Wax from Coconut & Honey. How to use: Apply daily in the morning and before bed time. Massage 1 minute with fingers, no need to wash.


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Benefits of Neo Hair Lotion:

  • Neo Hair Lotion prevents loss of hair, thinning, or baldness.
  • Reduces dandruff build-up that clogs the hair roots.
  • Accelerates new hair growth, makes hair long, bushy, and black.
  • Maintains and repairs the hair root and hair follicles.
  • Prevent hair loss thinning or baldness. Reducing the dandruff. 
  • Actual hair transplant results 100%. Hair loss thinning hair, baldness and genetically different from the effective - reduce hair loss from various situations effectively - accelerate stimulating new hair growth, long and bushy black - maintenance repairs the hair root and hair, strong hair serum
  • Can be both Men and Women do by on used.




🌱Natural Ingredients 

🌱Saw Palemto Extract 

🌱Equisetum Arvense Extract 

🌱White Ginseng Extract 

🍈Cucumis Melo Extract

 🥥🍯Coconut & Wild Honey Extract

• Herbal extract is beneficial to hair and scalp, no chemicals that poison the body. 

• Cantaloupe extract It accelerates germination of black hair length and strength to inhibit the fall, the hair is soft and shiny. 

• Ginseng extract It stimulates the circulation of cells in the scalp. Give hair roots get nutrients. The hair root effect is awake. It accelerates germination and nourishes hair roots. And reduce the loss of hair. 

• Extracts from herbs to touch the main ingredient. Cantaloupe, white ginseng, palm leaf, saw blade. 

• Natural extracts of palm kernel, saw blade in Europe. Reduce and inhibit. Hair loss due to genetic causes as well.

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Green Wealth Healthcare Co., Ltd. As brand owner is responsible for identifying infringement and taking action to protect our intellectual property, user may differentiate between legitimate and counterfeit Neo Hair Lotion by scanning the QR code sticker on the box will immediately link you to company’s official website, fill up scratch off codes appeared on the sticker, its legitimacy is checked and tell you “Genuine” or “Fake” product.


  1. Make a hair comb or scalp massage. Before and after use 6-7 times to stimulate blood circulation.
  2. Spray NewHairLotion on the desired area. Try to spray as much as possible into the scalp are advised to spray about 8-10 times, depending on hair and scalp condition.
  3. Use Neo Hair Lotion spray all over the bath after the morning and before bedtime, massage hands with scalp slightly 1 minutes, let the lotion dry. And do not rinse.
  4. Should be disciplined, consistent and continuous to make a clear result. And much faster
  5. While using Neo Hair Lotion, use a gentle shampoo on the scalp and hair roots. It is recommended to use baby shampoo of any brand.
  6. Avoid using styling and coloring products. The Neo Hair Lotion more difficult to work.
  7. To see a clear change. Recommended daily use every day. And use 2-3 bottles or more.




How to use neo hair effectively Get results faster:


  • If using any type of hair growth drug
  • stop or stop using first Either eat or put on your hair
  • Refrain from all kinds of chemicals that damage the scalp such as hair dye, hair loss, and hair styling gel. If unavoidable Recommended to use the herbal type.
  • Use baby shampoo to wash your hair instead of normal shampoo only, such as Baby My Jonson, wash your hair and dry it before using.
  • Prepare the scalp by gently massage. Or use a light comb To make the blood vessels around The scalp flows well.
  • Spray neo hair onto the root of the desired hair. To the scalp about 3-4 times
  • After spraying, massage the head again. Until he felt that the liquid dries Do not rinse Styling comb to work normally.
  • Use morning and evening every day regularly will see results soon.
  • Continued discipline will speed up results.
  • Recommend to use at least 3 bottles, you will definitely see the change.


☘️ Q&A 🤔🤗

Q1: How many times a day is it best to use it?
A1: Twice. Use it after bathing and washing your hair in the evening🛀🏻 and before combing your hair in the morning.

Q2: Can I use it when my hair is wet or dry?
A2: Can be used wet or dry.

Q3: How to use?
A3: Shake Neo well, spray onto scalp and massage for about 15 seconds until it is completely penetrated.

Q4: Can I spray the whole head or spray it locally?
A4: Just spray on the treated area, on the scalp.

Q5: How many sprays?
A5: It depends on personal needs☺️
for reference, My Husband sprays about 8-9 times for the middle position of the hair…..
for example, The forehead (M forehead), it is recommended that, sprays 1-2 times on each side is enough.

Q6: Are there men and women?
A6: Can be used by men, women, old and young.

Q7: When will it take effect?
A7: The effect is obvious after using 2 bottles, and the effectiveness of the essence will be confirmed after 3 bottles.



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Size : 120 ml. 

Manufacturing Date : Feb 2024

Expiration Date : Feb 2026 

Made in Thailand 🇹🇭


🎁 Buy 3 bottles (1 course) 

free gift 🎁 massage comb 💆🏻‍♀️💆🏻‍♂️ 


Frequently Asked Question About Neo Hair Lotion

How does neo hair lotion work?

Neo Hair Lotion is made from various natural herbs to help stimulate blood circulation under scalp, nurish hair root cells to expedite hair cell to grow up faster. If continue using both morning and before bed time, the significant changing in your hair will be seen after use 1,3 bottles depend on each person.

Can i use neo hair lotion after hair transplant?

Yes you can use Neo Hair Lotion after hair transplant. The safest time to use Neo Hair Lotion is after 4 weeks of a hair transplant. Because within this time, both the transplanted area and donor area got healed. Talk with your doctor. A doctor can give you the best advice after examining your scalp condition.

Can i use neo hair lotion for beard?

Yes, you can use Neo Hair Lotion not only on your head but also on your eyebrows, mustache, and beard. It helps these hairs grow better and look healthier, just like it does for the hair on your head. So, if you want a thicker and better-looking beard, you can give it a try.

Does neo hair lotion work?

The effectiveness of Neo Hair Lotion, like many hair care products, can vary from person to person. Some people find it helps with their hair growth and thickness, while others may not see significant changes. We recommend using at least 3 bottles of Neo Hair Lotion with consistent daily use to give it a fair chance to show results. However, if you still don’t see any improvements, it might not be the right solution for your hair loss. In such cases, there could be different underlying reasons for your hair loss, and it’s a good idea to consult a doctor or a healthcare professional to explore other options and understand the cause of your specific hair concerns.

How long does neo hair lotion take to work?

It can depend on various factors, including an individual’s unique physiology, their daily routine, and even their specific circumstances. It’s a good practice to follow the recommended usage and stay patient, as results can take time. Using three bottles, which typically lasts for three months, is a reasonable timeframe to assess whether the product is working for you. However, it’s essential to recognize that not everyone may experience the same results in the same amount of time.

Is neo hair lotion fake?

Yes, it’s important to be aware that there are fake or counterfeit products in the market, including Neo Hair Lotion. To ensure that you are getting a genuine product:

  1. Buy from a Trusted Source: Purchase Neo Hair Lotion from a reputable and authorized seller. It’s advisable to buy directly from the manufacturer’s official website or from established and trusted retailers.
  2. Beware of Online Marketplaces: Be cautious when buying from online marketplaces like Group buying, website without reviews, Carousell,  Amazon and eBay, as they may have counterfeit or unauthorized sellers. Always check the seller’s reviews and ratings before making a purchase.
  3. Watch for Red Flags: Be skeptical of deals that seem too good to be true or prices significantly lower than the average market price. These can be indicators of counterfeit products.
  4. Check for a Document of Genuine Retailers: Some manufacturers publish authorization documents on their official websites. Please refer to this list to ensure you are purchasing from a legal source.
  5. Scanning the QR code sticker on the box will immediately link you to company’s official website, fill up scratch off codes appeared on the sticker, its legitimacy is checked and tell you “Genuine” or “Fake” product.

Where to buy original neo hair lotion?

From the products we sell. Make sure you’re getting genuine products, buy from sources you trust by sharing after-sales reviews and experiences.




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